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Packing Tips

Mastering the Art of Smart Storage

In the big picture of life, where our beloved books, cherished photos, and vital documents hold our memories and essentials, it’s crucial to have a smart plan. Let’s explore a more robust way to safeguard your valuables with the help of Rhino Storage experts.

Instead of using ordinary cardboard boxes, consider the Strata Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Box. It might cost a bit more, but it offers better protection.

When it’s a damp day, cardboard boxes can trap moisture. Plastic boxes, along with silica gel sachets, can be your heroes in keeping your items safe and dry.

But, don't forget the trusty cardboard box. It's perfect for clean, dry items. Use it when you need to pack delicate things like glassware or ornaments. Labels help you keep track of your stored items. Just make sure you don't overload them.

For your textiles, bedding, and clothing, vacuum bags are your space-saving heroes. Make sure your items are clean and dry before storing them. Fold and organize carefully, pack without overfilling, and use a vacuum to seal them airtight. Label bags, inspect them sometimes, and replace if needed.

When storing sofas and mattresses, clean them thoroughly and disassemble if possible. Cover them with plastic or fabric covers and elevate them off the ground on wooden boards. Place them carefully, avoid heavy objects on top, inspect regularly, and choose a clean storage environment.

Avoid storing wooden garden furniture and potted plants indoors, as it can cause condensation. The same goes for washing machines and fridge freezers, which should be stored with the doors ajar.

In summary, choose the right storage method for your valued possessions. A clean and well-maintained storage environment is your greatest ally. Happy storing!